Get UnStuck & Work In Flow with Andy Stuck, Professional Coach

Andy Stuck, Ph.D, is a Certified Professional Coach, Business and Educational Consultant.

Stuck, Inc. is a leadership and coaching consultancy, specializing in a systemic, awareness-based and co-creative way of living and working. Our purpose is to help individuals, leaders, change agents and organizations create balanced, whole and productive lives.

The heart of Dr. Andy Stuck's process is a "whole self and whole systems" approach. Using Systemic Coaching and Constellations with mindfulness and coaching techniques, Dr. Stuck optimizes the full potential that lies in all of us. 

Dr. Stuck provides intensive, solution-focused coaching and workshops that help individuals, leaders, and organizations at times of critical family, life, business and leadership challenges.

The coaching and workshops are intense opportunities for quick change and growth, allowing for a fresh way of seeing wider contexts and generating movement in removing and changing old patterns and results.

Dr. Andy's approach reconnects you with your energy, purpose and well being helping you lead a happy, productive and sustainable life.

Does your company or organization have staffing issues? (i.e. staff doesn't get along!)

  • Are you questioning what products or services to offer?
  • Are you wondering if a merger or acquisition is the right choice?
  • Do you wonder why your employees and associates don't seem happy?
  • Are you wondering why you're spending money on consultants over and over and your problems aren't solved?

Andy Stuck, Ph.D is an internationally known Gestalt Expert, Certified Professional Coach, Business and Educational Consultant who specializes in helping business and organizations uncover patterns that are sabotaging them and keeping them stuck. 

Andy is well known for quick and effective methods that can change a company in an instant.